An electronic cigarette has many names which include an e-cig, vapouriser and vape to name a few.  It is a device which uses heat to deliver a vapour which can be puffed on just like a real or 'analogue' cigarette by the person using it (called a vaper).  It's purpose is to mimic the action of puffing on a cigarette but without delivering the 4000+ harmful chemicals produced by traditional tobacco smoke.

The Electronic cigarette pictured below is the original type e-cigarette that looks like an actual cigarette.  Due to Australian law we cannot sell these but the components of our vapes are essentially the same as with all electronic cigarettes.


All electronic cigarettes consist of essentially the same 3 components (please note the picture above is of an original 'cigalike' which is not something we sell):



Other names include Mod and APV (advanced personal vapouriser). The purpose of the battery is to provide power to the atomiser.  The battery is rechargable either via a USB charger or a seperate battery charger in the case of Mods that take a seperate battery.




The purpose of the tank is to hold the liquid ready for vapourising and screws into the battery (Mod or APV).  The atomiser (or coil) inside the tank takes the power from the battery and generates heat which turns the e-liquid solution into vapour.  There are many types of tanks for different purposes.  Some tanks are designed for Mouth-To-Lung (MTL) vaping which is much like taking a puff on a traditional cigarette.  Some tanks are designed for Direct-To-Lung (DTL) vaping which is much like a sheesha/hookah style.  Our product listings contain information on both types.



Also known 'E-Juice' or just 'Liquid' this is a solution which the electronic cigarette turns into vapour.  Unlike the 4000+ harmful chemicals in tobacco smoke, E-Liquid contains only 3 food grade ingredients being Vegetable Glycerine, Propylene Glycol and Flavouring.  The liquids can contain nicotine although Shoozi Juice E-Liquids do not contain nicotine and the sale of nicotine E-Liquid in Australia is prohibited.  Because our liquids are hand made right here at SHOOZITECH you can be assured that there are no other harmful chemicals or additives besides those advertised.  If you have any questions or concerns then be sure to ask us.