In Store Pickup


Yes that's right Shoozifam! In light of implementing more options for our customers to limit person to person contact...we have now implemented an in-store pickup solution for our website.

You can now make your order online, pick a store, date and time, pay, then pickup when is convenient for you and your package will be ready to go. No wait times, no fuss. Please note the below important requirements:

1. Orders must be made with 2 hours advance notice to the pickup time (the system already won't allow anything earlier) otherwise your package may not be ready for you to pickup

2. You will be required to provide a drivers licence or proof of age card on pickup for ID and age verification purposes (please don't use silly names on your order as it must match your ID and you must be over 18 to buy vape gear).

3. The cut off times for orders to be placed to get same day pickup at both stores are currently as follows:

Mon - Wed: 10am - 3pm (for pickup up to 5pm)
Thu - Fri: 10am - 5pm (for pickup up to 7pm)
Sat - Sun: 11am - 2pm (for pickup up to 4pm)

Any orders made outside these times will be available the next day.

We appreciate the customer feedback on this option and please be patient with us in the first few weeks whilst we get any cobwebs sorted out.

This is live now and available as an option immediately. The screenshots below will show you where you find the option at checkout.

Just follow the steps below:


1. Select Store Pickup


2. Select the store you'd like to pickup from

3. Complete checkout as normal and pickup your item at the date and time you choose.